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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  August 15, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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attractions at disney world and disneyland, featuring rides inspired by the iconic films. there is no timetable on when the rides will open. disney pictures the "star wars" brand in 2012. the flying circuses lifting off in fauquier county. the next airshow launches tomorrow morning from 7:00 until 9:00. you can take a truck been a hot air balloon. that is the entire weekend.
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kellye: you are warning us about but i think it's mild a comparison. devon: compared with recent history, when it felt like 105,
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it's not like that, we are talking air temperatures 95 monday. the storm chances wednesday, scatter chances thursday and friday are as well. we will hold steady with the hot temperatures.
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fair is ae iowa state mandatory stop on the campaign trail to the white house. fore of the top contenders the white house were there today, but one of them stole the show. trump creditonald for one thing, he knows how to make an entrance. he descended from the sky in his private helicopter, helpfully
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labeling case anyone wondered who owned it. today he also owned the iowa state fair with a rockstar welcome. he was mobbed by massive crowds. >> i think he tells it like it is. chuck: he delighted children, offering rides in the helicopter. some say he will spend a billion dollars if asked to win president, and he offered a preview of the immigration policy. trump: we are building a wall and nobody is going through my wall. upstaged the other candidates. bernie sanders was giving a speech win -- oh, there is donald trump. chuck: hillary clinton lost in on ain 2008 sampled pork
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stick and answered questions about her e-mail. n: this is the usual partisanship. chuck: donald trump has a date in court. presumably he will leave the helicopter behind. a major bust, 147 pounds of cocaine seized at the port of baltimore earlier this month. it was in a shipping container from brazil, the largest seizure at the port in eight years. the drugs were concealed in gym bags with an estimated street value of $4 million. no word on arrests. is stepping up inspections after more trouble on the tracks. the transit system's interim general manager said last week's derailment near the smithsonian station could have been avoided. sam sweeney spoke with those who
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say they are losing faith in the system. sam: less than 24 hours after the interim gm accepted full responsibility for last week's truck and derailment and southwest comments back to her's have taken to the rails for inspections to make sure there are no more danger zones. those danger zones are known as areas, meaning it is shut down immediately for emergency repairs. the back near the smithsonian station was code black, but never shut down. the gm call that unacceptable and took full responsibility. control anddamage promised to get its act together, but at this point many we spoke with say they have lost confidence. -- i gavepremium premium to get there safely. i feel like that money that i spend is not being used properly. sam: if there is any good news
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from this, metro is refunding anybody was affected by last week's system disruption. effect the refund on your smart trip card in the coming days. against a indictment prince george's county school board member accused of working the system to get free lunches for her child. brad bell first brought the story last month when the criminal investigation started. now he has developments. school lunchleged from fraud came to light in april when according to this e-mail obtained by abc 7 news, a federal investigator informed the school system school board member lynn monday was among several government accountability office employees "receiving free lunch despite earning salaries much greater than the 133% of poverty rate," which is the threshold to qualify. it goes onto say that monday listed no income in 2011 and 2012. she currently works as a
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management analyst at the gao and according to sources earns nearly $100,000 per year. >> that's crazy, people trying to beat the system. brad: that reaction typical of people learning the charges today. for ane is no excuse individual coming the income in from a federal government job, and now a county job? she gets what she deserves. prince george's county grand jury indicted monday and five others for theft, fraud, and filing false documents for four years of free lunches they allegedly do not deserve. >> here you have six people basically making a mockery of the system, really threatening the integrity of the program. to,: monday, who was up filled a vacancy and play 13 for the school board, denying the allegations. has7 has learned that she paid back the $1300 of free lunches given her child.
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brad bell, abc 7 news. kellye: a maryland woman accused of pouring hot grits on a man while he was asleep is charged with assault. the police say that she beat the man with a baseball bat. investigators say that he suffered burns to his body and was bleeding from his head. no word on the motive. statomn is out on bond. more prostitution arrests in the district. it brings the total to more than 175. as roz plater reports, one d.c. council says we should think about legalizing sexfor pay. roz: monday, a nonprofit organization helping individual prostitutes survive, opening its new headquarters with a clinic and resource center to help sex workers. >> they are working the streets because they have no other way to survive.
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many of them are homeless. or they are dealing with drug addiction. we want to get past the point where people see arrests as a success story. roz: they applaud the idea of decriminalizing sex for pay between consenting adults. they say that it is time for d.c. to consider the framework and look at changing from the framework of criminalization. the idea comes as the city is cracking down, launching a sting that has ned more than 160 prostitution arrests in the past month. along the h street cor ridor, reaction to the to criminalization idea is mixed. >> that is what you choose to do with it, go for it. >> i think it's wearable. it's the most disgusting thing i've ever heard. i don't understand why anybody would do such a thing. roz: roz plater, abc 7 news.
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pricelessming up -- getting back belongs, the picasso back from thieves. flag raisingtoric ceremony. devon: and i hope that you enjoyed the great weather. we are at the start of another heat wave.
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kellye: for the first time in 54 years, the u.s. flag is flying in cuba. there was an effort to restore diplomatic efforts between the countries. will beth officials talking about compensation for damages caused by the u.s. forrgo as well as payment property seized by the cuban government. one issue not only the table, the transfer of the guantanamo bay naval base to cuba. secretary kerry: at the moment there is no plan to change the arrangement with respect to guantanamo. kellye: republican presidential candidate marco rubio blast at the diplomatic outreach. he says that he would sever diplomatic ties to cuba if you were elected president. cost so painting is back with its owner, the french government. 001 disappearance was a
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mystery, and this past winter it was discovered by u.s. custom and border protection officers. they were personally thanked by the french embassy in washington. celebrating the repatriation of this picasso painting. we would like to thank all of the agents involved. mike: "the hairdresser" was painted in 1911. >> to think it is over 100 years old, and the idea that kosovo with his hands -- the idea that picasso this is amazing. mike: it was returned to the national museum of modern art in when thet in 2001, museum cannot located in its archives, it was reported stolen in drupal -- and interpol was notified. last december it was found when homeland security inspected a
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fedex shipment to a climate controlled facility in new jersey. it described a low value handicraft inside worth about $35. think that anybody was send a piece of work that is not worth anything to a climate controlled facility. reality, it is valued at more than $15 million. the investigation is ongoing, but they say this masterpiece, missing so many years, only appears to have minor damage. the french embassy says it will be returned to paris. the national museum of modern art will back on public display after it is restored. mike carter can mean, abc 7 news. ahead, debit is taking another check of the forecast.
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summer, it's going to be hot, it's what we expect. exactly, summer is making a return. extremely high humidity from a couple weeks ago, were it felt like 105, the high temperatures saturday 90, 92 chicago. eventually temperatures continued to go up, but not to levels where we have the heat advisory criteria, where we have
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accommodation of heat and humidity to make it 105-plus. weak front north of washington. the big picture the next two days, the heat and humidity building, sweeping into the region. spark a widely isolated shower. the heat and humidity was back, 90, feeling like 92. overnight ports tomorrow morning , the same forecast, overnight temperatures, low to mid 60's in the morning, 70 in spots. , the halfeesburg marathon come over three miles, a little humid. 80, not tooning,
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bad. widely isolated showers possible with the fading front. almost everybody will hit 90. it may feel closer to 95 with the humidity. the heat index. sunday, if you're going to see may like "dancing queen," want to find the shade. 92,ill be 89, feeling like dropping into the lower 80's. monday, a slight chance of a storm should be to the west. friday, theugh arrival of rain chances, still tracking the heat and humidity. the actual air temperatures feeling like mid to upper 90's. the seven day forecast, just the start of the heat wave today. technically that's three days of
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90 degree-plus heat. if we let the days where we could have rain, we could have a bit wednesday into thursday, with friday. kellye: that looks like really nice days, sunday under monday. devon: they will not be bad. kellye: an alexandria native on the adventure of her life, sasha setting out this week on one of the world's most dangerous climes. she makes it, she will be the first to scale the high peak in the alps. she is from alexandria, but she lives in new york. complaints with your airline of choice soaring.
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kellye: now a 7 on your side consumer report, paying more just for the privilege of getting their late, customer complaints about airlines are soaring. if you took a flight on spirit airlines in june, you had a 50/50 shot of getting there in time, ranking lowest among the government report, find a complaints about un friendly skies up 20%. >> airlines are the worst.
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kimberly: flight delays and cancellations account for 30% of complaints. >> walking on a trail somewhere. kimberly: passengers had to hike for shelter. customer service complaints are up 1/3. packed, completely prices are higher, the highest they have been in about five years, all the way back to the recession. kimberly: southwest and delta had the fewest complaints. american and united the most. these are only officially filed grievances. defending the carriers, the airline association, saying they are committed to continuous improvement, putting out a bright spot, the number of lost bags is down.
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